Canon ERC-E4S Small EOS DSLR Rain Cover Review

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We all love rainy shots, right? Shots taken in the rain can have a poetic and haunting effect, what with the way the light reflects off the water, and just the melancholy tone, that gray pastiche that is cast over the shot when taking photos in the rain. I believe that rainy shots truly capture a different side of nature; everybody always wants to capture the bright, the sunny; the kind of weather that brings out in us good feelings and the image of skipping happily about town.

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But rainy days don’t really do that do they? They bring out the pensive, the melancholy, and for some of us, the gloom and depression associated with dark clouds. For some others, rain may bring about imagery of devastation and trauma, of deadly floods and horrific landslides, of fatal car crashes due to poor visibility.

Whatever your feelings are about the rain, one thing is for sure; rain will definitely mess up your DSLR if you are not careful. And that is where the Canon ERC-E4S Small EOS DSLR Rain Cover comes in. Let’s take a look at some of its features:

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  • Price: US$109.95
  • Small-Size (no need to lift weights and take your protein in order to lug this one around! check out The Protein Investor for all your protein powder needs)
  • Protects Camera from Rain
  • Transparent Window for Visibility
  • Attachable Eyecups
  • Front Fastener – Easy Attachment/Removal
  • Soft case for compact packing
  • For EOS Digital Cameras

For your convenience I have extracted some pertinent consumer reviews below, which I feel portrays the product accurately. Do take a look!

“Works very well with prime lenses and zoom lenses that do not extend i.e. EF 70-200. It takes more fiddling with zoom lenses like the EF 100-400. In the last scenario you have to tighten the Velcro around the lens hood or the fixed part of the lens, leaving the part that extends uncovered ( hence the four stars).The attachment for the viewfinder is very clever. I like the detail that you can pull the neck strap through openings in the hood in cases that u hand hold your camera lens. This cover will protect your gear in a downpour.” – 4/5

“Works Great – A bit pricey. I use it with a 5D Mark II and 100-400 mm lens. The cover works great. Not a drop of water found its way through even on very rainy days.” – 5/5

“I bought this rain cover for shooting a 5k race and it worked perfectly. The weather was absolutely horrible and it poured the entire time. I was able mount the camera on a tripod, connect a remote shutter release, and run it out the bottom of the cover, so I was able to keep my hands in my pockets. I was not fearful of damaging my camera because the design of the cover is so good and it fits over the camera and lens perfectly. The elastic strap secures the cover with a Velcro strip tightly. The window allows access to all of the controls on top and back and the LCD camera window is clearly visible through the cover. Used the cover with a 28-135mm lens on my 50D. You easily have enough material to cover up a 300mm.” – 5/5

“Nice but pricey. The rain cover solidly covers my camera, battery grip and Canon 100-400mm lens. It even works perfectly with my eye piece extender. I haven’t used it yet in the rain, but based on my “dry” testing, it should be great at least in drizzle to light rain. Wouldn’t want to try it in medium to heavy rain/wind.” – 4/5


Based on customer reviews, this product solidly averages above 4.5 stars out of 5. Effectiveness is not in question, and this product is able to cover a wide range of lens lengths. The only downside to this product is the high price; at over a hundred dollars, this can definitely break the bank! But I guess you get what you pay for.